Japkasai(Testicle massage),Karsai Nei Thang(Genital massage),Thai massage

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Providing ‘Comfort’ to Men

My establishment emphasizes the treatment environment and technical aspects that have not traditionally been given much importance in Japanese male therapist’s relaxation services for men.


Jap Kasai JK

I provide vitality and relaxation to men through Japkasai (testicle massage).


Certified in Japan and Thailand

I have obtained qualifications in Thai massage and Japkasai (testicle massage) in both Japan and Thailand.







Male Sexual Function Care

Caring for Male Sexual Function with Karsai Nei Tsang (Evolved from Japkasai (Testicle Massage)), Prostate Massage, and Lingam (Penis) Massage Techniques.






Thai massage

I blend Thai Massage with Dynamic Thai Massage, Herbal Ball Massage, and Tok Sen Based on your Preferences.



The Liberating Experience of Nude Massage Therapy

Please relax while lying spread out during my mat-based treatment.

※The practitioner will be clothed during the treatment.



A Clean Room with a View of a Small Garden



Little Services

-Fragrance-free soap and oil.
-Towels are ensured to be absorbent and clean through washing with sodium sesquicarbonate and drying with a gas dryer.
-Charging service available.
-Service to dry clothes in a dehumidifier during the treatment.
-No need for customer card registration.


Store Information

-My studio is located in Yotsuya, just 4 minutes by train from Shinjuku.

-“Business Hours (Blue Frame)

※ Courses that extend beyond 22:00 due to treatment duration (e.g., starting at 21:30 for 60 minutes) will be subject to a 1.5x surcharge as out-of-hours service.


About Me


Nice to meet you, I’m JK. I can only speak a little English, but I’ll manage somehow. For privacy reasons, I do not disclose my face. Choosing based on just this information is somewhat of a “bet,” isn’t it? I apologize. I strive to create an atmosphere where you can entrust both your mind and body to me so that you can enjoy the treatment in a relaxed state. I will do my best to make you feel like you’ve “won the bet.”


Certificate of Completion

2013 I got TTMA Certified Advanced Therapist Certificate(Japan)
2013 I learned the treatment at the school of Wat Pho, the head office of Thai massage, and obtained a Thai massage certificate and a Thai oil massage certificate.
2013 In Chiang Mai, Thailand, I received one-on-one guidance from Mrs. Maekharon, a veteran active therapist with 30 years of experience, and obtained a Jap Kasai (testicular massage) certificate.
2016 In Chiang Mai, Thailand, I received one-on-one instruction from Mrs. Kunji, one of the best chineisan therapists, and obtained Level I/II certificates in chineisan (visceral massage) and karsai neisan (genital organ massage).
2016 I obtained Level I certification in internal organ massage (Chi Nei Tsang) from Loikro Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


I obtained the following certificate at Onthai Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Karsai Teacher Training Course

Basic Thai Massage Teacher Training Course

Professional Thai massage teacher training course

Elbow massage teacher training course

Herb ball course

*Onthai Massage School’s teacher training qualification is approved by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health of Thailand, and is a qualification that allows you to teach the relevant massage anywhere in the world.


I obtained a Jap Kasai Tendon (tendon) certificate at the Ochsika Thai Massage Training Center in Bangkok, Thailand.


I attended a lesson with David, the founder of Dynamic Thai Massage, in Japan and received a Dynamic Thai Massage certificate.


I attended a lesson in Japan by Mr. Roland, the founder of Wutai, and received a certificate of completion of the Wutai (Mio Fasia module).


I obtained a prostate massage certificate at Oaksica Thai Massage Training Center in Bangkok, Thailand.


I obtained a Thai Massage Level 2 (Advanced) certificate from Mr. Jack Chayer’s lessons in Chiang Mai, Thailand.




Courses and Session fees

Men’s functional care(Short)

 This is a short version that omits some techniques for male function care.



Men’s functional care



Men’s functional care+Thai massage





Men’s functional care

Men’s functional care(Short)
Abdomen (using herbal ball)
Abdomen (step 1)
Abdomen (step 2) Abdomen (step 2)
Groin (step 1)
Groin (step 2) Groin (step 2)
Testicles (step 1)
Testicles (step 2) Testicles (step 2)
Penis (step 1)
Penis (step 2) Penis (step 2)
prostate prostate