Japkasai(Testicle massage),Karsai Nei Thang(Genital massage),Thai massage

Business information

I have studied at many Thai massage schools in Thailand. And I got many certificates of completion.


Basic Thai Massage in Wat Poh Thai massage school


Thai oil massage in Wat Poh Thai massage school


Japkasai(Testicle massage) by Mrs,Karon’s private lesson


Karsai Nei Thang in Ong Thai massage school

Teacher Course(Basic,Professional,Elbow) in Ong Thai massage School


Chi Nei Thang in Loi Kroh Massage

Japkasai Tendon(Karsai Nei Thang) in Auksika Holistic Thai Massage Center

I am Japanese. I speak English a little bit. I am a sincere person. Please come to JK at ease.

I will offer you custom session with reliable technique with to suit your preference.

カルサイネイザン インポテンツ ED 睾丸マッサージ 新宿 四ツ谷 タイマッサージ

Business information

● Location ●

It is about 5 minute walk from Yotsuya station.(JR Line or Tokyo Metro Line)

I will inform you the detailed location after reservation is confirmed.

From JR Shinjuku station (Chuo Line) →5min

From JR Tokyo station (Chuo Line)→ 9min


● Hours ●

It depends on the day.