Japkasai(Testicle massage),Karsai Nei Thang(Genital massage),Thai massage

Business information

I have studied at many Thai massage schools in Thailand. And I got many certificates of completion.


Basic Thai Massage in Wat Poh Thai massage school


Thai oil massage in Wat Poh Thai massage school


Japkasai(Testicle massage) by Mrs,Karon’s private lesson


Karsai Nei Thang in Ong Thai massage school

Teacher Course(Basic,Professional,Elbow) in Ong Thai massage School


Chi Nei Thang in Loi Kroh Massage

Japkasai Tendon(Karsai Nei Thang) in Auksika Holistic Thai Massage Center

I am Japanese. I speak English a little bit. I am a sincere person. Please come to JK at ease.

I will offer you custom session with reliable technique with to suit your preference.

カルサイネイザン インポテンツ ED 睾丸マッサージ 新宿 四ツ谷 タイマッサージ

Business information

● Location ●

It is about 5 minute walk from Yotsuya station.(JR Line or Tokyo Metro Line)

I will inform you the detailed location after reservation is confirmed.

From JR Shinjuku station (Chuo Line) →5min

From JR Tokyo station (Chuo Line)→ 9min

● Hours ●

Basically 14:00-22:00(It depends on the day.)

About Thai massage and session fee


Thai massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.

Stretch and press muscles are included in the Thai traditional massage.

So to speak,it is an all-in-one massage of healing massage.

60min 11,000yen

90min 12,000yen

120min 13,000yen

150min 16,000yen

180min 19,000yen

About Thai massage plus oil and Session fee


Thai massage plus oil is JK’s original course.I will use oil partly in Thai massage. It is not a massage using oil all over the body.

120min 14,000yen

150min 17,000yen

180min 20,000yen

About Karsai Nei Thang and Session fee

Karsai Nei Thang(060min) 10,000yen
Karsai Nei Thang(090min) 15,000yen
Karsai Nei Thang(120min) 20,000yen

Karsai Nei Thang+Thai massage(090min) 14,000yen
Karsai Nei Thang+Thai massage(120min) 19,000yen
Karsai Nei Thang+Thai massage(150min) 24,000yen
Karsai Nei Thang+Thai massage(180min) 28,000yen

About Advance Karsai Nei Thang and Session fee

Advance Karsai Nei Thang(060min) 12,000yen
Advance Karsai Nei Thang(090min) 18,000yen
Advance Karsai Nei Thang(120min) 24,000yen

AKarsai Nei Thang+Thai massage(090min) 16,000yen
AKarsai Nei Thang+Thai massage(120min) 22,000yen
AKarsai Nei Thang+Thai massage(150min) 28,000yen
AKarsai Nei Thang+Thai massage(180min) 32,000yen

About JAPKASAI (testicle massage)

JAPKASAI (testicle massage) is a mystery secret traditional technique of Thailand.

It is said that it is a technique that can be expected effect for sex power weakening and low back pain.

JAPKASAI (testicle massage) will be done after you are in good circulation of blood by Thai traditional massage.

Massaging erection-related muscle.

Stimulation to genital related SEN(energy line).

Please try JK’s full-fledged JAPKASAI, slightly different from money boy’s one.

※JAPKASAI is included in all Thai massage and Thai massage plus oil course.



Reservation form


■JK does not provide medical practice and correction of the skeleton.

Traditional Thai massage is based on the traditional medicine of Thailand.

However, please use JK’s work as a relaxation service that provides a healing.

If you have serious troubles on you body, please go to the specialized agencies.

■I have no sex and sucking service . I offer you a relaxation massage.(Lingam massage(penis massage) is included in part of the treatment. You can ejaculate at that time.)

Checklist 1 I am sorry, I do not receive a reservation from the person those who corresponded below.
In a drunken stupor. Have a high fever. Infectious disease capable of causing skin infection and air infection. High blood pressure (160mm ~ 180mmHG). The disease in the brain. Cardiovascular disease. Osteoporosis. Gout arthritis. Hernia. During pregnancy. Respiratory disease. (In the case of JAPKASAI male) disease in the reproductive system. Sprain or injury. Disease or other that do not suitable to get a massage or a stretching.Within 30 minutes(At the time of session) after a meal. Taking medication. Diabetes. The treatment of the disease. The surgery within three years. Inflammation or athlete’s foot,

● Flow of finalization of your reservation ●

Please make your reservation from the the following reservation form.

(Please do setting to be able to receive e-mail from “@ japkasai.com”)

Your will get the e-mail that finalized of your booking from JK .